24/7 Pet Care, from Anywhere!

24/7 Pet Care, from Anywhere!

Conyers Animal Hospital introduces Telemedicine with airVet!

Telemedicine/Telehealth is one of the newest and most modern advancements in pet digital health and we’re excited for you to try it hands on!

What is airVet?

AirVet is the first telehealth platform designed to offer pet parents like you continuity of care between you and your veterinarian. With airVet, you can connect with your vet or one of our global airVets within seconds to get answers, do follow-ups, and sometimes just to get the reassurance you need during those “I don’t know if I should be freaking out or not!” moments.


When can you use airVet?

  • Behavioral Questions
  • General Health/Medical questions
  • Basic Follow Ups
  • To find out if any office visit is necessary
  • After Hours Calls

Click below to download airVet App

Your friends at Conyers Animal Hospital look forward to continuing to bring you the latest innovation in veterinary technology to ensure we are always providing the best and most accessible care to you and your furry family.

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