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This animal hospital was so

This animal hospital was so kind and helpful for my canine who had been bitten by other dogs, he was barking and very nervous when I brought him in for the first time, but the staff was very attentive and understanding. I would recommend them a thousand times!

Ladaza Granger

Everyone was wonderful. My Gracie

Everyone was wonderful. My Gracie was acting out of character last night. I noticed blood on her anus when picked her up. I called right before the office opened, the person who answered the phone was caring and told me to come to the office. They made a special effort because my mom had surgery for a broken hip earlier this month. They knew I needed help and made quick accommodations for me. The tech and the doctor were fabulous, caring, supportive, and highly intelligent. I can’t remember their names cause I was so distraught but I cannot say enough about their amazing support and care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. They are the best vets in practice. They have been caring for my fur babies for over 25 years.
Gracie and Sharon Yarbrough

Sharon Yarbrough

We love our veterinarians!

We love our veterinarians at Conyers Animal Hospital! We have been clients of Dr. White and Dr.Kidd for more than a decade. The professionalism, practical and compassionate care we receive for our dogs is simply the best! We have had urgent situations and received follow up calls, updates, and advice that is as comforting to us as it is for our dogs. Truly a partnership and friendship that we cherish. We highly recommend Conyers Animal Hospital!

K Shipley L Townsend N Burger

Conyers location is a fabulous

Conyers location is a fabulous veterinary! I took several feral kittens that needed help on a very short notice. They were there to assist with no appointment, thank you Conyers!. I will highly recommend this place for such generosity and willingness to help animals in need! I will definitely be back With my own personal pets.

Karen Grizzard

Woke up to see

Woke up to see my dog’s eye was swollen closed and bleeding. I called spoke with them and was welcomed to come in. As soon as I got there they came to the car and to elevate my Molly. It ended up being abscess tooth. Received antibiotics and pain medicine and was on our way home in an hour with an apt to come back in a few days for extraction. Bless your kind staff

Gemma lang

We took our dog Koffie

We took our dog Koffie to this beautiful office for an emergency check up, everyone was awesomely great, my words cannot express the professionalism, great manners of every individual in that office, everyone was very awesome…

I am thankful and grateful that I have met them, and from now on that’s going to be our number one veterinarian hospital for our dogs. 🙏🏽💙💙💙🙏🏽

Verna Hauss

FANTASTIC, , the team and

FANTASTIC, , the team and the Dr. were great with my dog. We move to Conyers recently and found this great team. Love them.

ARNIE AND Paula Klein

WOW and many thanks to

WOW and many thanks to the entire team at CAH for welcoming Cozy as a patient with open arms, professionalism, and topnotch customer service. Cozy fell in love with the doctor, office manager,
and staff (as did I ).

CAH business strategy far exceeds the impersonal feel/treatment normally encountered when visiting the larger corporate veterans. CAH team of people operate in unison while following strict Health and safety procedures.

Pricing was prefect considering the quality service they deliver as a team by goes over and above standard protocol to care for your furry family member.

Lolita Coasey

I have been bringing my

I have been bringing my fur babies to CAH for well over 20 years. Dr. Kidd has been our veterinarian for the entire time she’s been on staff here. I absolutely love CAH! The staff are professional, personable, compassionate and knowledgeable. Dr. Kidd has been involved in some very emotional and hard decision making situations over the years with me and my rescue dogs. She has called me at home to discuss treatment options (even when my dog was being treated at UGA) and best case scenarios. Dr. Kidd is the best and has been such a blessing in my life. If you want to feel reassured that your pet is getting the best, up to date, and compassionate care and medicine, CAH is the place to go! ❤

Julie Seng

Wonderful! Attentive! Attention to every

Wonderful! Attentive! Attention to every possible detail! I can’t say enough good things about Conyers Animal Hospital! We were traveling from Texas to Atlanta and out of the country and taking our 2 dogs with us. This requires special documents and forms, way more complicated than average travel. I googled Atlanta area vets and chose Conyers Animal Hospital because of all the wonderful reviews. I contacted Mary at CAH and she worked with me every step of the way, ensuring she had all the paperwork and information in advance. Once we arrived at CAH, Dr. Kidd, Mary, and the amazing CAH team took great care of us and made sure our dogs were ready for the big travel day. When unexpected difficulties arose and we were faced with a very expensive delay in our plans, Mary stepped in…unasked…called all the right people and made all the right things happen. We are forever in CAH’s debt! Thank you so very much! And for anyone else traveling overseas with pets…CAH is just 2 minutes from the USDA office where you would file your pet documents!

Beata Gillis

We came to CAH, for

We came to CAH, for the first time today, we had just adopted a Black and Tan coonhound from Rockdale County Animal Control, and we were referred to this office. The staff is the best, and Dr. Jessica Kidd is amazing. Everyone we met made us feel so welcome and they genuinely cared about our new dog. It was a good visit all around. Thanks to all of you so much

Becky Buffington

We have been Conyers Animal Hospital since 1973.

The doctors and staff there are THE BEST. Our girls have had the very best care that anyone could possibly ask for. My husband and I appreciate each and everyone there, from the young ladies at the front, to the techs that help the doctors, and all of the others behind the scenes. Our Boxers, Daisy and Bella, love going there for each and every visit. They get SO much attention. When your pet gets excited about going to the vet, that speaks volumes!


Conyers Animal Hospital has treated our furry family wonderfully

Everyone at Conyers Animal Hospital has treated our furry ( and not so furry) family wonderfully. My wife and I have a habit of taking in strays and rescues that have made us famous among our friends and family. To the point where we actually had people mistake our house for an animal shelter. Let us just say that there have been times where we had more than 10 at once. With those many animals of diverse and many questionable backgrounds and health histories, we have needed CAH on many many occasions. From preventive care and check-ups to copperhead snake bites and dog fights, we have never been steered wrong by them. There is a high level of professionalism exhibited by all the staff. We have had to make some pretty tough decisions within the walls of their facility, and they all showed a very high level of care and support. Our animals both cat and dog mean the world to us, I could not imagine going anywhere else.

Gabe and Wendy Parker

My family has been using Conyers Animal Hospital for about 45 years.

I have always had confidence in the excellent diagnostic skills and compassionate care demonstrated by the doctors, techs and office staff. CAH has provided care for several dozen of my pets over the years. Dr. White, Dr. Kidd and the other doctors stay up to date on the latest information in vet medicine as well as providing the newest in diagnostic equipment. I trust that they will do what is best for my pets. I always recommend CAH to my friends. I couldn’t live without the great folks at CAH!

Cindy H. November 2, 2016

Why do you go all the way to Conyers just to go to the vet?

So often I hear “Why do you go all the way to Conyers just to go to the vet?”. I always respond with ” because Dr. Kidd, you won’t find better”. Let me tell you a story explaining one reason this woman means the world to not just me but my entire family. Heck, to the entire Fighting for Dawn rescue.
I sent Dr. Kidd a text yesterday telling her I had an emergency to bring in to her this morning. I sent her a photo. She responded back that she wasn’t sure she was good enough to save the eye but would do her very best. You see, a dog had attacked Spunky, the beloved puppy of my 5 year old granddaughter Emmy ( ‪#‎superemmyrescuedogs‬ ). Emmy said she trusted no one but Dr. Kidd to save her Spunky.
This morning I arrived at Conyers Animal Hospital bright and early. Dr. Kidd examined Spunky and went to get a surgical kit (yes, she used a real, complete surgical kit). She carefully and meticulously performed surgery on Spunky. I watched as she made every knot with compassion for both Spunky and a very special 5 year old. (Super Emmy was unable to attend Spunky’s visit as she was headed to the doctor with a boo boo of her own. We sent her photos so she could feel like she was there.)
This is what vet care is in our eyes. This is professionalism. This is a vet that loves her clients and her job. This is a vet that took 20 minutes out of her busy day to make a little girl the happiest kid in the world. This is a mom that understands how heartbroken a child is when a favorite toy is broken. This is why we drive to Conyers “just for a vet”
Thank you, Dr. Kidd for saving Spunky and his eye. Today, you meant everything to one little girl and one tiny stuffed dog.

April 1, 2016

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