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Dogs and cats can have seasonal allergies too.  Trees, grasses, molds and fleas are common triggers of allergies this time of year.  If your pet is constantly itching and scratching, give us a call.  There are many ways we can help them feel more comfortable.
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National Dog Bite Prevention Week is observed
April 11-17. Each year, there are over 4.5 million dog
bites in the United States.  Even the friendliest dogs can bite if provoked.  Learn to recognize subtle signs of anxiety like bared teeth, flattened ears, or tense muscles.  Sometimes aggression can be a sign your dog is in pain. Please call with any concerns. 

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Our dogs deserve all the love and protection we can give them.  Hugging your dog releases a hormone called oxytocin, sometimes referred to as "the cuddle hormone".  Today is #NationalHugYourDogDay, so give them an extra squeeze to let them know how much you care.
April is Heartworm Awareness Month, but heartworm season is year-round.  It only takes one bite from an infected mosquito for your pet to get heartworm disease.  Ask us about the best option for your furry friend.

#ConyersAnimalHospital #NationalHeartwormAwarenessMonth
As April 5, 2021 we will begin allowing clients to come into the exam room with their pet during office visits.  We will continue curbside service for drop-offs, pick-ups, medication pickups or if preferred by you.  Upon arrival you will still check in for your visit over the phone and our staff will then give you further instructions.

For the safety of our doctors, staff and clients we will strictly enforce the following protocols when allowing a client into the building.

If more than one person is present (including children), only one person will be allowed to enter the building or the visit will have to remain curbside.  Hand sanitizer must be used upon entering, staff and client's are required to wear a mask during the entire visit.

Did you know that Easter is typically the APCC's top day for chocolate intoxication calls? Candy containing xylitol is also toxic to your furry friends.  Keep candy away, and call us if your pet shows any signs of illness.

We wish you and your pets a safe and happy Easter!

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Many cleaning products contain chemicals that can be harmful to your pets. Skip the bleach and harsh cleaners and look for pet-safe options that make spring cleaning less risky for your furry friends.

March is Pet Poison Prevention Month, the perfect time to check for harmful poisons that might be lurking around your home.

#ConyersAnimalHospital #PetPoisonPreventionMonth
With every new season comes potential dangers for our pets. Keep your furry friends healthy and happy with these spring safety tips from our team.

It's #NationalPoisonPreventionWeek. With spring just started, pets have many ways to find trouble. Please be aware of potential dangers for your pets including fertilizers, insecticides, cleaning products, and popular springtime plants like tulips and lilies.  Common signs of poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, or seizures. 
Keep this number handy ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Phone Number: (888) 426-4435 (consultation fee may apply)
There's a reason you can't resist puppy dog eyes.  Studies suggest that extended eye contact increase oxytocin levels in humans and dogs.
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With the right care, senior pets are living longer than ever! Make your furry friend’s golden years as
healthy and happy as possible with twice-yearly visits.  When age-related diseases are caught early
enough, we can treat them more effectively.

#ConyersAnimalHospital #SeniorWellness
Similar to a common cold in humans, an upper respiratory infection (URI) in your pet can cause sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and watery eyes.  Please reach out to us for a proper diagnosis if you notice any of these symptoms in your pet.

Have an itchy pet? For some dogs and cats,
spring can mean the onset of seasonal allergies. As
in humans, common triggers include pollen and mold
spores.  Since scratching can lead to secondary skin
infections, please make an appointment with us before symptoms worsen. 

#ConyersAnimalHospital #SeasonalAllergies
Enjoy the great outdoors with confidence. Protect your dog against fleas and ticks throughout the spring. Just 1 chew of BRAVECTO® (fluralaner) from Merck Animal Health does it. Hurry in for your first dose! 
*BRAVECTO Chews for Dogs kills fleas, prevents flea infestations, and kills ticks (black-legged tick, American dog tick, and brown dog tick) for 12 weeks. BRAVECTO Chews also kills lone star ticks for 8 weeks. 
View Safety and Prescribing Information at
Could your pet have seasonal allergies? Flowers, trees and grasses can trigger symptoms like itching, scratching and secondary infections. Call us – we can help! 770-483-1551

#ConyersAnimalHospital #seasonalallergies
The threat of heartworm disease never disappears, even in regions that experience cold winters. All it takes is one bite from an infected mosquito to transmit the disease.
Dogs and cats need year-round protection to stay heartworm free. Ask us which preventive is best.

#ConyersAnimalHospital #HeartwormPrevention
Pet-proof your home with these safety tips:
- Keep cords, strings, household chemicals, rubber bands and plastic bags out of reach.
- Double check recliner chairs and sleeper sofas for hiding pets.
- Keep toilet lids closed.

Share a photo of your new furry family member in the comments!

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We love spending time with our dogs.  A great way to do that and get a little exercise for ourselves is by taking a stroll.  Today is #NationalWalkingTheDogDay, grab some walking shoes, a leash and go out and enjoy!

Don’t turn your nose to your pet’s bad breath! That odor might be a sign of a serious health risk. February is Pet Dental Health Month, the perfect time to brush up on your pet’s oral care.

#ConyersAnimalHospital #PetDental
For the love of your pet, remember these Valentine’s
Day safety tips:

-No sharing sweets! Chocolate and xylitol are highly toxic to pets.

-Avoid lilies if you have cats.

-Don’t let pets near thorny-stemmed flowers.

Share a picture of your furry Valentine in the comments below! 

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Vaccinations have played a critical role in keeping our furry friends healthy. In pets, vaccinations fall into two categories: core and non-core.
While core vaccinations are recommended or required by law, non-core vaccinations are recommended depending on your pet’s risk of exposure.
Together we’ll create a long-term vaccination schedule
that’s best for your pet.
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re highlighting some potential dangers for your furry friends. Here are our top 8 safety tips. 

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Cats are masters at hiding signs of pain and illness.
Because it can be easy to miss subtle red flags, regular checkups are essential for making sure your kitty is healthy and happy.  We recommend yearly visits and basic lab testing for our feline friends, and twice-yearly visits for seniors.
Happy National Cat Health Month!

#ConyersAnimalHospital #NationalCatHealthMonth
8 out of 10 dogs and 7 out of 10 cats show signs of dental disease by age 3. Fortunately, the disease and the problems that come with it are preventable.  Help protect your pet’s oral and overall health with regular checkups and at-home dental care. Give us a call today.

#ConyersAnimalHospital #PetDental
Once your furry friends reach their senior years, they can benefit from special nutrition to prevent weight gain and lower the risk of disease.
We recommend twice-yearly visits for senior pets to keep them healthy and happy. Our doctors will help you choose a well-balanced diet to support their needs.

New Year’s resolutions should include your pets too. A wellness exam is the perfect place to start.
To create a complete picture of your pet’s health, we’ll evaluate them from head to tail: eyes and ears, mouth, heart, lungs, skin and more.
Start 2021 on the right paw and schedule your pet’s exam today!

If there is a bright side to quarantine, it’s spending more quality time with our pets. But could that be leading to weight gain from too many treats?
Even before the pandemic, 60% of cats and 56% of dogs were overweight or obese, increasing their risk for arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.
Let’s ensure your pet is on the right track for a healthy new year.

Beyond reducing pet overpopulation, the ASPCA gives 5 more reasons to spay or neuter:
1 – Spaying protects against uterine infections and breast tumors.
2 – Neutering prevents testicular cancer.
3 – Neutered pets are less likely to roam and fight.
4 – Neutered pets are less likely to spray urine.
5 – Spaying and neutering is highly cost-effective.

Call us to learn more!

Could dust mites and mold be triggering your pet’s allergies? When we close the windows and crank up the heat, symptoms can worsen. If your furry friend is itching, scratching or licking for relief, give us a call so we can determine the source of their allergies and develop the best treatment plan.

1 – Swap treats for pet-safe fruits and veggies.
2 – Find fun ways to keep active. Try feeding puzzles
and new tricks!
3 – Set aside quality time to bond each day.
4 – Get fit! Explore a new trail or design an obstacle
5 – Schedule a checkup with your vet. Give us a call

You've heard an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Routine wellness visits help us catch problems in early stages or prevent problems from developing altogether. During our Nose-to-Tail wellness exams we include all of this and more! 

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t just for people. Help your pets have a healthier, happier 2021 with our top 5 suggestions for starting the New Year off on the right paw. 

2020 has been a year like no other, and we are grateful for your patience and support. Thank you for being part of our family.  As the year draws to a close, we would like to wish you and your pets a wonderful holiday season.  May the coming year bring you health, happiness, peace and prosperity. We look forward to serving you in 2021 and beyond.

It’s tough to resist those puppy dog eyes at the dinner table, but there are certain foods you should never feed your pet.  Did you know that garlic, onions and chives can damage red blood cells in pets, often leading to anemia? That means stuffing is off limits!  Foods with high fat content like gravy, butter, turkey drippings and ham can cause an upset stomach.
Grapes and raisins can be deadly to pets!  If you’ll be entertaining, please inform your guests about toxic table foods.
Pets are family, so it's only natural that we'd like to share everything with them - including our food! But did you know that in 2019, human food was the third most commonly reported pet toxin to ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center?

There are certain foods that should always be off limits to your pets. Keep this list handy, particularly as we approach the holiday season.
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Here's what you should know about older pets.
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#ThankfulThursday #ConyersAnimalHospital
#ThankfulThursday #ConyersAnimalHospital
We are honored to serve as your family's other doctors, keeping your pet healthy and thriving through every stage of life.  These relationships with you and your pets are what motivate us to strive for excellence in everything we do.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your trust in our team and your friendship throughout the years.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!
November is Pet Diabetes Month.  

Did you know that 1 in every 300 dogs and 1 in 230 cats will develop diabetes?  By recognizing symptoms of this manageable disease, you can save your pet’s life. Please watch for excessive thirst, increased urination, or
weight loss despite an increased appetite.  Regular checkups are the best way to ensure your pet remains healthy and happy. 
November is Senior Pet Wellness Month! Do you have a beloved senior pet in your family? There are many ways you can make a difference in your furry friend's life so you can enjoy many more happy, healthy years together.

Follow these tips to keep your senior pets feeling their best through their golden years.
Today and tomorrow are the last days to enter our pet costume contest.  We have some great prizes for the top 3 pets with the most likes.  Enter by sending a picture via messenger, voting will start Monday.

Prizes are: 1st Place: gift basket with a yearly visit and 1-year supply in Interceptor and Credelio.  2nd Place: gift basket with $50 clinic gift certificate.  3rd Place: gift basket with $25 clinic gift certificate.
It's #NationalVetTechWeek.  Please join us in giving a BIG shout out and thank you to Connie our very own Registered Veterinary Technician.  Connie has been with us since 2011.  Connie is a great leader and mentor to our team!
Submit photos of your pet(s) in costume via messenger from October 1-17 (submissions after Oct.17 will not be accepted). We will create an album of all entries for voting between Oct. 19-30th. The top 3 pictures with the most likes will win! Winner will be announced October 31st.  See comments for prizes.
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#ThankfulThursday #ConyersAnimalHospital
#ThankfulThursday #ConyersAnimalHospital
#ThankfulThursday #ConyersAnimalHospital
#ConyersAnimalHospital #CostumeContest
Are you feeling this fall weather we've had the last few days?

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. Since pets instinctively hide pain, be aware of subtle signs such as:
- decreased activity or appetite
- weight loss
- whimpering
- aggression
- changes in posture
- excessive grooming
- difficulty standing after lying down
If you notice something off with your furry friend, please give us a call 770-483-1551.
September is Animal Pain Awareness Month.  If you notice something off with your pet give us a call 770-483-1551.
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#ThankfulThursday #ConyersAnimalHospital
#HappyCatMonth #ConyersAnimalHospital
๐Ÿˆ Happy Cat Month! ๐Ÿˆ

September is Happy Cat Month! To celebrate, we are listing the top ten ways to make sure that your cat remains healthy and happy by your side for many years to come!
We are closed today.  

Have an urgent question or unsure if your pet should go to the emergency clinic?  Download the AirVet app to talk with a veterinarian immediately.

If you have a medical emergency with your pet call East Metro Animal Emergency Clinic at 678-212-0300.
#ThankfulThursday #ConyersAnimalHospital
#ThankfulThursday #ConyersAnimalHospital
September is Animal Pain Awareness Month.  If you notice something off with your pet give us a call 770-483-1551.
September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. Since pets instinctively hide pain, be aware of subtle signs such as:
-        decreased activity or appetite
-        weight loss
-        whimpering
-        aggression
-        changes in posture
-        excessive grooming
-        difficulty standing after lying down
If you notice something off with your furry friend, please give us a call.
Today is World Rabies Day.  Rabies is 100% preventable.  Vaccinate your animals and keep them away from wildlife that can carry the disease.
Call today to schedule a pet skin health exam. #ItchyPetAwarenessMonth #ConyersAnimalHospital
Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.  Please share photos and memories to honor those pet's that have crossed over. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›โค๏ธ
Edit: Everything is working fine now! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

We apologize for the inconvenience but our phone system is allowing everyone to call through except for AT&T service! If you have phone service with AT&T and you are trying to call us, if will not go through and we are unable to call to AT&T providers. If you come see us today, please pull to the glass door on the other side of the building to check in! 

Again we apologize for the inconvenience and we are working on getting this problem fixed!
Schedule a skin health check or wellness visit for your pet today. #ItchyPetAwarenessMonth #ConyersAnimalHospital
Have you spotted these signs in your pet? Schedule an exam with the veterinarian for a skin health check! #ItchyPetAwarenessMonth #ConyersAnimalHospital
Schedule a pet skin health or wellness visit with your veterinarian today. #ItchyPetAwarenessMonth #ConyersAnimalHospital
Book a skin health visit for your pet during Itchy Pet Awareness Month! #ItchyPetAwarenessMonth #ConyersAnimalHospital
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