So often I hear “Why do you go all the way to Conyers just to go to the vet?”. I always respond with ” because Dr. Kidd, you won’t find better”. Let me tell you a story explaining one reason this woman means the world to not just me but my entire family. Heck, to the entire Fighting for Dawn rescue.
I sent Dr. Kidd a text yesterday telling her I had an emergency to bring in to her this morning. I sent her a photo. She responded back that she wasn’t sure she was good enough to save the eye but would do her very best. You see, a dog had attacked Spunky, the beloved puppy of my 5 year old granddaughter Emmy ( ‪#‎superemmyrescuedogs‬ ). Emmy said she trusted no one but Dr. Kidd to save her Spunky.
This morning I arrived at Conyers Animal Hospital bright and early. Dr. Kidd examined Spunky and went to get a surgical kit (yes, she used a real, complete surgical kit). She carefully and meticulously performed surgery on Spunky. I watched as she made every knot with compassion for both Spunky and a very special 5 year old. (Super Emmy was unable to attend Spunky’s visit as she was headed to the doctor with a boo boo of her own. We sent her photos so she could feel like she was there.)
This is what vet care is in our eyes. This is professionalism. This is a vet that loves her clients and her job. This is a vet that took 20 minutes out of her busy day to make a little girl the happiest kid in the world. This is a mom that understands how heartbroken a child is when a favorite toy is broken. This is why we drive to Conyers “just for a vet”
Thank you, Dr. Kidd for saving Spunky and his eye. Today, you meant everything to one little girl and one tiny stuffed dog.

April 1, 2016