Everyone at Conyers Animal Hospital has treated our furry ( and not so furry) family wonderfully. My wife and I have a habit of taking in strays and rescues that have made us famous among our friends and family. To the point where we actually had people mistake our house for an animal shelter. Let us just say that there have been times where we had more than 10 at once. With those many animals of diverse and many questionable backgrounds and health histories, we have needed CAH on many many occasions. From preventive care and check-ups to copperhead snake bites and dog fights, we have never been steered wrong by them. There is a high level of professionalism exhibited by all the staff. We have had to make some pretty tough decisions within the walls of their facility, and they all showed a very high level of care and support. Our animals both cat and dog mean the world to us, I could not imagine going anywhere else.

Gabe and Wendy Parker